sexta-feira, 22 de junho de 2012

Cromo n.º 54 - Rudi Voeller

Mais um cromo de uma competição diferente, só para aparecer a mascote ali ao cantinho. E porque ele tá de fato de treino. E porque em 1990 os romenos levaram bandeiras com um buraco no meio ao mundial e porque em 1990 os cromos já eram todos autocolantes, não era preciso cola, nem água, nem farinha, nem CUSPE...

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  1. Fiquei sabedor através da 442 deste mês foi duma cena engarçada no final deste jogo... a perpózito da troca de camezola entre koeman e olaf thon...

  2. Video não sei se há, mas imagem...

  3. Não sei se aparece no video, agora aborrece-me ver tudo, mas olha o texto do resumo no youtube:

    West-Germany vs The Netherlands 1-2 (0-0)

    55' 1-0 Lothar Matthäus (penalty), 74' 1-1 Ronald Koeman (penalty), 89' 1-2 Marco Van Basten.

    The game is extremely tense. Each team is given a penalty kick strongly disputed by the opposition (until today, in fact). The game gets nasty in the second half, as Lothar Matthäus (the most hated German in Holland) converts from the spot to give the hosts an undeserved lead. Holland's triumph comes to stand in the 89th minute, as Van Basten slides the second Dutch goal against the nets. Germany is eliminated at home. The eruption of ecstacy in The Netherlands is historic: an estimated 70% of the population hits the streets the celebrate in the largest spontaneous party since the liberation by the Allies in 1945. The victory is tainted by the behaviour of Ronald Koeman at the end of the match: just after having swapped his jersey with Olaf Thon he pretends to wipe his behind with it in front of 60,000 German supporters and the TV cameras. Nobody ever forgot that picture in Germany.

    Ronald Koeman: "1988 didn't erase 1974 from our memories. The bitterness is still there. Before the match Rinus Michels, who also coached the 1974 squad, told us about that lost final, in order to motivate us. I regret what I did after the match. It was an impulsive reaction, the kind of stupid reaction that follows you for the rest of your life. But for me that case is closed. As I never met Thon again after that, I never had the occasion to apologize."

    Olaf Thon (Germany midfielder): "I woudn't say that there was hatred, but tension between both teams. I haven't forgotten the Koeman incident, when he provoked our supporters. I didn't have a problem with him. I think he regrets it now. So to me it's case closed. That kind of incident can happen when you're overwhelmed by your emotions, like when the Dutch beat us. I've forgiven Koeman, even though he never apologized officially."

    Hans van Breukelen (Holland goalkeeper): "I had been waiting for that moment for fourteen years. Before the game I remembered my feelings watching TV as a teenager, and that boosted up my anger. I am happy to have been able to give this gift to the older generation, the ones that lived through the War."

    Arnold Mühren (Holland midfielder): "We humiliated them in front of their own supporters. Being able to do that at my age, 37 at the time... that's just priceless."

    Ruud Gullit (Holland forward): "We gave joy to the older generation. I saw their emotions, their tears. I could never even have guessed that this could be so tremendously important to them."

  4. Tulipas e nazis não são os melhores amigos do mundo, e o futebol é apenas o rosto mais mediático dessa "amizade".

    Quanto ao Rudi, sou suspeito, sempre gostei deste cromo como jogador.

  5. moçes,acreditem,os holandeses têm o complexo do alemão. é um bocadinho patético,já agora. pareçe que educam logo os putos a odiar os alemões tipo os árabes com os esraelitas..